​Due to the lack of a vehicle for the ministry in Kenya, the staff of the Heart To Heart Orphans Children Centre must walk, use public transportation or ask others for rides, in order to carry out their duties on a daily basis. Click here to learn more.



​A major fundraising campaign is being launched to support the building of a high school and campus for children graduating from elementary education. Due to the lack of funds, children are unable to attend high school. Click here to learn more.




A temporary shelter was put in place to house children who were orphaned, abandoned or kicked out of their homes. The 2 rooms are 10' x 10' each and have 5 - 6  bunk beds. The shelter is located in the elementary school complex. Click here to learn more.



Specific requirements must be met in order to attend school in Kenya. Those requirements cost money, thus negatively affecting the poorest of the poor. The lack of education leads to perpetual poverty. Click here to learn more.



Because of the harsh living conditions and the culture, medical needs are on an ongoing demand. Meeting these needs is determined individually, dependent on the situation and if funding is available. Click here to learn more.



Microfinance is when funds are given or loaned to those who would not otherwise qualify for a loan, due to poverty. The recipient requesting the loan receives classes on starting and running a business. Click here to learn more.