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A temporary shelter was put in place to house children who were orphaned, abandoned or kicked out of their homes. The 2 10' x 10' rooms are located within the elementary school complex. They hold 5 - 6 bunk beds.

Everything the child owns is stored at the end of their bed. These children come to Heart To Heart Orphans Children Centre (HTHOCC) because they have no place else to go. Their parents may have died and no one will take them in or they have been abandoned by their family and left to fend for themselves. Local police officers will find children sleeping on the streets and will bring them to HTHOCC. They know HTHOCC will give them a safe place to stay and provide food and clothing.

Without HTHOCC their chance for a decent future is dim. Their survival rate is low and the chance of them entering an unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle is great. HTHOCC gives them the chance that they might not otherwise have. More importantly, HTHOCC teaches them about Jesus and shows them the love that He shows us. The children are able to experience love and kindness and through this their faith is strengthened. By giving them a chance, they are able to realize a brighter future. Plans are currently underway to build a rescue center to provide more adequate housing. The current facility is overcrowded and isn't able to provide the space for proper hygiene.


Psalm 82:3 Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute.

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